August 29, 2014

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  • Everyone’s Favorite Entertaining Flight Attendant Does an Awesome Job
    I’ve seen and heard this flight attendant’s entertaining routine mentioned several times today; once on the radio in the car, once on TV, and there it was again when I opened my browser tonight. News outlets and radio shows pointed out how funny and entertaining she was, how she calmed nervous passengers with her engaging […]
  • Creating & Designing Your Work Space
    Last time I wrote a post it was titled, “Finding Boundaries When Working At Home.” While that is still a work in progress, I am now focusing on my working environment. Oddly, although I now have a home office I seem to work in the kitchen just as much as I did before. I’m nothing […]
  • Finding Boundaries When Working At Home
    Happy New Year! With a month already gone in the New Year I’m forcing myself to take a hard look at what I’m doing and what I need to be doing. This is going to be a productive year even if it kills me and, let’s be honest, it just might! Last year I wrote […]

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  • TweetAlarm Reminds You to Join the Conversation
    When you’re in focus mode and working on something, you don’t want to be constantly checking social media for leads or for research points all day long. Generally speaking, it’s a time suck. How would you like to be notified when someone tweets about you, your niche, or a special interest topic? You can do […]
  • Are You Telling People What You Actually DO?
    I meet new virtual assistants and service providers every day (virtually, of course) and I’m always fascinated by the different styles and paths that people take. When I meet someone new I want to learn more about them, what they offer, and what they’re working on. That’s how we get to be friends after all, […]
  • The Peer Pressures of Social Media
    Do you use social media to stay in contact with your customers or do you avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague? Social media interaction can build and strengthen your existing relationship. People like to do business with people they feel a connection to. If your customer feels that you care about them, they will […]